A Child care centre in Gharb financed by the Ministry for Gozo

The setting up of a Child Care Centre in Gharb is one of thirteen projects which are benefitting from the scheme for Local Councils and Administrative Committees issued by the Ministry for Gozo. The Gharb Local Council will benefit from around E67,000, which grant is being given from the funds allocated by Government for the implementation of the eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012.

A Child care centre in Gharb financed by the Ministry for GozoThe Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo visited this site where the child care centre is being set up. She expressed her gratitude to the Gharb Local Council for its participation in this scheme and stated that with the building of this child care centre, a number of parents will have the opportunity to make use of this service and help them in achieving a balance between work and family.  She referred to the call for offers published earlier by the Gharb Local Council for the management and operation of this child care centre.  The offers for this call will be received up till the 22nd November 2011.  This centre will host a maximum of 30 children with ages varying from one to three years.

Through the same scheme, the Gharb Local Council will purchase an eco-Cab and eco-Truck, two electrically powered vehicles which without the use of burnt fuel will be reducing CO‚ emissions.  The eco-cab will help residents to travel within the village using an efficient and environment-friendly transport.  On the other hand, the eco-truck will substitute a 25 year old gasoline powered truck which serves the day to day upkeep and maintenance work within the locality.